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The Passing Of a Legend 1932-2014

It has been a sad start to the year with the passing of George Yorkston, a man for whom I have the utmost respect, a man who gave his time freely to anyone who wanted to know about plaiting, and a man who was always happy to pass on his knowledge to those who wanted to listen.

George in action at a plaiting workshop in Warwick

George was a great supporter of the plaiting schools held in Warwick, coming along and helping men, women and children try plaiting. Many of the students were first-timers, so George would sit with them talking and giving pointers along the way.

I used to love going to see George at his home in Toowoomba. He would meet you at the door with a “How ya goin’ mate?” and a handshake that you would never forget, always ready with a cup of tea!

I was told by one of my younger mates that I needed to mix with a younger crowd. I replied “What for, when I can sit and listen to their stories and knowledge, and have a genuine conversation like mates should?”  I would rather do that than go out with younger mates, all looking at their iPhones getting their latest update from Facebook.

George had an amazing life with part of his life spent serving in the Navy and then working on the land in western Queensland. He had a passion for horses and his family, and he spoke of both often. He had a passion for life and didn’t let age slow him down, travelling great distances to see his mates out west regularly in recent times.

George with a famous Yorkston Whip

His laughter, good humour, knowledge and friendship will be missed by all who knew him. My condolences to George’s family for their loss and a big thank you for allowing me to post this.

You can read a bit more about George on our Legends page which gives a glimpse into his life and more on his plaiting, together with a poem writen by Don Crane titled Yorkston Whips.



It is a very sad day on the Granite Belt and Southern Downs, with the sad news of Peter Bondfield’s passing.

I first met Peter about 4 years ago at a plaiters’ meeting in Toowoomba QLD and from there through regular contact we became friends. Peter was a very active member of the plaiters’ group and always happy to pass on helpful hints and advice for us young plaiters and always happy to take the time to just sit and talk.

Peter had many loves but his most loved was his family: wife Valerie and their 4 children and 10 grandchildren of whom he was immensely proud. Peter was a very active community member in the Stanthorpe Show and the Apple and Grape Festival and was known as the Voice of Stanthorpe, a role he fulfilled for 50 years. Peter was the first man to bring Charolais cattle to Australia, which his son David has taken on to great success. Peter was also a life member of the Australian and Queensland Pony Clubs, another of his loves being to teach children to ride. He has loved horses from the age of 13 acquiring his first horse at that age after working two jobs delivering milk and papers.

My sympathies go out to the Bondfield family and to all who knew Peter – he will be sadly missed.

If you would like to read more about Peter go to our Legends Page as Peter was kind enough to let my daughter interview him in October 2012 about his life and plaiting. The audio is also available.











Photo taken on 8/10/12

Whipping Parliament into Shape

I received a call from a new customer the other day, he informed me he was coming to Warwick for a function and wanted to check out our whips, in particular any 12plait roohide whips. I told him I had an 8plait latico (cow hide) whip with a full plait handle and that I could get a roohide for him to look at. As it turned out the new customer was Scott Buchholz MP (www.scottbuchholz.com.au), member for Wright in QLD.

Scott is the deputy Whip for the LNP. The role of the whip is to organise the members of the LNP and keep Parliament running (www.peo.gov.au/students/fact_sheets/party_whip.html).

So Scott has two of our whips hanging in his office in Parliament and I believe he will be demonstrating his cracking prowess for the cameras around the 12 Nov 2013 so hopefully I can get the footage.











Scott Buchholz MP with his two Warwick Whips



Warwick Rodeo

Its Rodeo time again here in Warwick, from 21st to 27th Oct 2013 so for details go to http://www.warwickshowandrodeo.com.au/ for all the details on events.

As usual the Country Rodeo Craft Market Leslie Park will be on Saturday October 26th – 9am- 2pm. Enjoy country music, fine food, crafts, entertainment and the Rodeo Street Procession. Come down and check us out we will be on the main street (Palmerin st) side of Leslie Park it is a market not to be missed.

Don’t Forget

Hi everyone,

Don’t forget to check us out for that family member or friend who is hard to buy for on their birthday or even christmas or even a wedding. Get them a gift that will last for a lifetime and is unique.






We have whips for sale, belts for sale, guitar straps and cattle flappers and much more. All our products are hand made in Australia and we use local suppliers. As Australian whipmakers we like to use Australian suppliers. We tailor all our items to suit our customers and we make them to last so you get value for money. You can’t go past an Australian stockwhip – they are great to look at and great to use.



Don’t forget our whip repair service. If you are looking for crackers/poppers, falls or handles, we can supply to you or fit them for you.

Just like the pic below we made a new thong for this customer. He wanted to keep the handle so we removed the broken thong and replaced with a new one in the same colour.



Happy Happy Customer

Hi David,
Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.
The whip I ordered for my grandson arrived today. It looks and feels great. It is obvious you take pride in your work. Without meaning to sound too dramatic, it is a real work of art. Congratulations on producing such a outstanding product. I am sure my grandson will get a lot of pleasure from using the whip! That is if he can get it off me!!! Can’t wait till Christmas! He will be delighted.
Again, many thanks
Marie  Robina QLD

New Belt

OK so you have just read about our new Legend. Well here is the belt I named after him.








The MacStrap is our new dress belt and has been handmade here in Australia from a high quality leather and brass hardware.

You will find it on our Product page under Belts / Accessories.

I hope you will like what you see.

World Domination

Warwick Whips products have expanded into yet another country.

I am very happy to say I have just sold a Hobble Belt to a very nice young lady from Namur, Belgium who is heading home in the coming weeks. She has been staying with relatives here in Warwick.

New Page

Ok everyone come and check out our new Legends page. This page acknowledges the legends of our craft, and gives you a brief look at the men and women who have made this industry what it is today.

International Markets

We have had a great year, with our orders growing in the last quarter and the repair side of the business a constant through the year.

The big news for the year is our whips going to Canada and then an order to go to the US – the US order is the most interesting as the whip is going to the Guest Relations manager of one of the largest cattle ranches in the US so I’m hopeful that this will generate some interest to others working on the ranch in some of our other items. I have attached a link to the ranch so check it out, not a bad place to visit. www.padlockranch.com

Also I’ve attached a picture of the whip I’m sending, which features a couple of Aztec knots on the handle near the keeper and on the thong of the whip.